Monday, August 13, 2012

Eat Vegetables to Lose Weight

How much should one eat to lose weight? What is the best weight loss diet? According to the recently released "food plate" the average daily dietary allowance one requires at least 3 portions of seasonal vegetables to meet the daily dietary intake. Most of us find it difficult to successfully meet this dietary requirement resulting in poor health, weight gain and nutritional deficiencies. Besides, eating vegetables can actually help you lose weight.
Any weight loss plan that doesn't contain a generous helping of seasonal greens should not be considered balanced or healthy. Just as a quick reminder let's quickly take go through why anyone should be eating veggies everyday.
• The most natural and easily available food that contains different vitamins, minerals and thousands of other plant chemicals.
• Vegetables are low in fat and calories.
• Good source of dietary fiber and provide us with extra energy. Fiber keeps us fuller for long preventing us from overeating and frequently eating.
• Vegetables provide more energy to the body in return helping us be active and burn more calories.
Vegetables are not tasteless and in fact can have better flavour & texture than most meats if prepared well. Besides we know the health benefits of seasonal vegetables. If people are not usual of eating them there are easy ways of slowly introducing them to the diet and finally develop a taste for them. It will be a surprise to know that vegetables help you stay full longer and keep your binging at bay.
Did you know the best way to eat greens are raw. Here are some quick tips to include more greens in your system without adding too much fuss.
Vegetable Yogurt (Raita): Easiest and one of the most delicious way of adding raw vegetables to your diet without having to really taste them. Salt, mint and cumin powder is enough to camouflage the taste especially for those who can't stand the sight of them!
Salad: We are not talking about a boring garden salad on the side. Spice thing up by adding a healthy dressing to that boring salad. A dash of olive oil and some fresh lime juice is enough to get the taste buds excited. Besides, you can add all the health benefits of raw vegetables in your diet.
Grilled Vegetables on the Side: For all those non-vegetarians who enjoy the little grilled vegetable on the side of their meat dish can learn something from the restaurants. Try this simple recipe of grilled vegetable - Cut capsicum, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots into bite size pieces, put it in a foil, drizzle half a table spoon of oil, add salt and pepper and bake for 15-20 minutes on medium heat. These grilled delights can also be enjoyed by vegetarians.
Make sure with all the healthy food you are also packing in some exercise for best results. Exercise not only helps burn fat but also helps the body absorb the nutrition better. Look for a weight loss plan that also keeps your busy lifestyle in mind.

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