Monday, August 20, 2012

Which Foods to Eat to Speed Up Fat Burn

These yummy foods not only help to speed up your fat loss, it will also keep you fuller for longer and to have less cravings.
There are many foods that can help you speed up weight loss. And while most of them help to burn more calories, these foods in this article are the very best there is and will help you get in shape faster. They will not only help you to burn fat, but these foods also hold in other benefits. All you have to do is to include them in your diet, do some exercise and follow a healthy diet and you will be leaner sooner than you think.
Here's the top 10 burning fat foods that you need to include in your diet on a regular basis:
Green tea - Green tea may help your body store less fat and burn more calories. For best results have at least one cup of green tea a day.
Cinnamon - Cinnamon stabilizes the blood sugar levels and will help you to have less cravings.
Chillies - Chillies are proven to boost your metabolism. Add them to your meals on a regular basis and you will reap the rewards.
Fat free dairy products - Fat free dairy products includes milk, yogurt, and soft cheeses. They are high in calcium that helps to speed up weight loss.
Whole-grain carbs - Try to stick to whole-grain carbs and to limit the times that you have the others. It will help to keep you fuller for longer and will also give you long lasting energy.
Lean protein - Lean proteins includes chicken, fish and lean red meat. They are high in protein and help to build lean muscle mass that in turn help to speed up the metabolism.
Oats - Oats is one of the best choices you can have for breakfast. If you have it for breakfast, you will be sure to be full until lunch time.
Almonds - Almonds are the healthiest nuts there is and they help with weight loss. Have at least 10 a day.
Spinach - Spinach can be added to most of your cooking like with your stews, your casseroles and your pastas.
Ice cold water - A recent study showed that your metabolism gets a boost after drinking ice cold water. The ice cold water also makes your body burn more calories trying to heat the water up.
If you make sure that you include all these foods in your diet, you will start looking better and better. Scared you won't lose weight? Mistakes can make that fear true for you. See below for the solution to your mistakes to lose fat faster.

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